Propolis Learning
Advanced Training and Coaching



A definition...
'A resinous material collected by bees from the buds of trees and used as a cement in repairing and maintaining the hive.  It is used as a sealant to fill unwanted open spaces in the hive.'
  • Reinforcing the structural stability of the hive
  • Makes the hive more defensible by protecting for the future
  • As a product, it promotes health and strengthens the immune system.
  • Its healing powers make it a sought after product

Propolis Learning focuses on preparing and equiping your leaders with the ability to take your business forward. We will strengthen your leaders, improve your teams and allow you to plan and perform in the future.  

Organisation fit for the future?

Propolis focusses on 3 key areas

Developing your leaders to be the best they can be.


Allow the organisation to prepare for the future and have a clear positive strategy that means something to all

  • Your strategy will be clear, achievable and motivational
  • Your leaders will be the best they can be
  • Your teams will have a clear focus
  • Each individual will want to play their part

We focus on what really works

'Too much focus is often put on building on weaknesses.  We believe in building on strengths.'  Ruth Denwood

Propolis works closely with you to define the challenges you face and the strategy to adopt to meet your growth plan.

Our organisational development plans will include management training, individual development plans and innovative interventions to suit your business and the time available to develop your teams.