Propolis Learning
Advanced Training and Coaching



What do propolis do that is different?

'Every member of your team should understand their contribution to the business goals and have clear direction and purpose.'

The only way for sustainable change to happen is for us to really understand your business. We work with you to ensure that the work we do is realistic, sustainable and leads to real results.

Propolis Consultancy wants you to have the tools to develop your business. We will offer you guidance, support and practical skills to enable you to then progress. 


Individual Coaching-Each individual can be crucial to success and should be able to maximise their contribution. We treat each individual differently.

Team Development-Looking at the environment and objectively assessing the factors that hinder success for the team and the factors that could promote development.

Graduate Development-Introducing graduate development, assessing graduates, designing development programmes and evaluating results.

Change Management

Employee Engagement-Ensuring your employees have 'buy in' to the strategic plan. Motivated staff will want to give more.

Innovative Leadership-Encouraging creative thinking, innovative leadership, motivational methodologies.

Executive Coaching-The vision for the business must be delivered from the top team down. Individual development plans for the Senior Executives allow them to deliver business results whilst being mindful of the team dynamic and individual strengths.

Organisational Development

Performance Management-Making sure that your business has the right people for the future. We work with you to succession plan and develop key individuals to meet future needs.

Strategic Planning-Working from the company vision and mission statement to plan for the business moving forward. Assessing the barriers to growth and developing a strategy to drive the business beyond the competition.


Executive Coaching

Individual coaching plans for Board members to allow them to drive the business forward.

Accredited On-Line Leadership Resources

On line material designed to fit in with a busy work schedule and provide managers with all the key skills to manage a team.

Diversity and Inclusion

Tailored programme to meet Ofsted and other standard body requirements.